Colissimo Pickup Points for Shopify

Integrate with Atlas Pickup Points to enable deliveries to Colissimo extensive network, a part of La Poste, with over 18,200 locations across France.

Options include:

  • Postal offices (En bureau de Poste)
  • Pickup Stations (En Consigne Pickup)
  • Pickup points (En relais Pickup)

Colissimo offers a vast network within France, including 17,000 postal offices (En bureau de Poste), 1,200 Pickup Stations (En Consigne Pickup), and additional Pickup points (En relais Pickup). This provides customers a wide range of convenient locations for collecting their parcels.

By using this integration, your customers in France can enjoy the flexibility of collecting their parcels from postal offices, automated lockers, or local pickup points, thereby enhancing their delivery experience and avoiding the need to wait at home for deliveries.

The comprehensive network of Colissimo in France, as part of La Poste, makes the Atlas Pickup Points integration a strategic choice for expanding your delivery capabilities within the French market, utilizing Colissimo extensive and versatile pickup and locker infrastructure.

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