Mondial Relay

Mondial Relay Pickup Points for Shopify

Integrate with Atlas Pickup Points to enable deliveries to Mondial Relay’s network of over 28,600 locations across key European countries.

Options include:

  • Relais® Points (pickup points)
  • Automated parcel lockers

In France, customers have access to nearly 16,000 Relais® Points and 4,200 Lockers. In Belgium, there are 1,400 Relais® Points and 100 Lockers, while the Netherlands has 1,000 Relais® Points. Spain boasts 5,000 Relais® Points, and Portugal offers 1,000 Relais® Points for convenient parcel collection.

Offer your customers a simple and convenient solution to collect or send packages. They can easily pick up their parcels from a wide range of locations, avoiding the need to wait at home for deliveries.

Mondial Relay’s extensive network in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal makes the Atlas Pickup Points integration an ideal choice for enhancing your delivery reach within these markets, utilizing Mondial Relay’s comprehensive and accessible pickup and locker infrastructure.

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