PPL Pickup Points for Shopify

Integrate with Atlas Pickup Points to enable deliveries to PPL network of over 6,000 locations throughout the Czechia.

Options include:

  • PPL Parcelboxes (Parcelboxů)
  • PPL Parcelshops (Parcelshopů)
  • Third-party boxes (Třetích stran)

PPL offers a widespread network of parcel lockers and pickup points across the Czechia, providing customers with a convenient and reliable option for parcel collection.

This integration facilitates an easy and accessible way for customers to receive their parcels, allowing them to collect at their nearest PPL location, thus avoiding the need to stay at home for deliveries.

The extensive network of PPL in the Czechia makes the Atlas Pickup Points integration a valuable tool for enhancing your delivery capabilities within the country, utilizing PPL established and widespread pickup infrastructure.

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