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Pickup Point Delivery Option Generator API (Beta)

The Pickup Point Delivery Option Generator API (PP-DOG API) is a new feature developed by Shopify that allows the display of pickup points during checkout in their native UI. Currently in beta, this feature is exclusively available to Shopify Plus merchants who have requested access. You can learn more and request access here.

How Atlas Pickup Points works with the Pickup Point Delivery Option Generator API

The PP-DOG API is currently restricted to Custom apps only. Due to this limitation, it cannot be directly integrated into our app. However, you can still create a Custom app and utilize the PP-DOG API to display pickup points using data provided by global low-latency Atlas Pickup Points APIs.

We will provide Custom app code along with Shopify Function that is ready to be deployed. You will be able to manage pickup point rates inside Atlas Pickup Points as usual.

Please note, as the PP-DOG API is still in beta, some features may not work as expected. For testing purposes, please contact us, and we will provide demo stores where you can test this feature.


Due to the Custom app restriction, the setup must be performed by a developer on your team. Please get in touch with us, and we will provide you with the necessary information to proceed.